Compare the Top 10 Solar Companies in Nigeria in 2024

Explore the best solar providers and install the right solution for your business.

by Chidalu Onyenso

Published on Jul 15 2024

Explore the best solar providers and find the right fit for your business’s power needs.

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of the impact of climate change, more and more individuals and businesses are turning to renewable energy sources like solar power to meet their energy needs. With its abundant sunshine, Nigeria has enormous potential for solar energy production. In recent years, several solar companies have emerged in Nigeria to help harness this potential. Get started with Earthbond and we can help you make the right choice. In this article, we delve into the top solar power companies in Nigeria, exploring their solutions, target customers, and pricing strategies.

  • Earthbond
  • SunKing
  • Arnergy
  • Daystar Power
  • GVA Partners
  • Havenhill Synergy
  • Rubitec
  • Powercell
  • Starsight
  • Solar Wizard Nigeria

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A table comparing the top 10 solar providers in Nigeria
Company Target Customers Specialties Price Range ₦ Pros Cons
Earthbond Hospitals and health clinics, schools, pharmacies, tailors and fashion businesses, grocery stores and supermarkets, offices small and medium businesses, remote and salaried workers High-quality solar installations, innovative financing options ₦₦ Competitive pricing, accessible financing May not cater to off-grid or rural communities
SunKing Rural households, small businesses, farmers Portable solar lamps, home systems, pay-as-you-go model Affordable, flexible payment plans Limited to smaller scale solutions
Arnergy Homes, schools, hospitals, small businesses Solar energy systems, smart energy management ₦₦₦ Smart technology, comprehensive solutions Higher prices compared to some competitors
Daystar Power Businesses, factories, banks, telecom companies Hybrid solar power solutions, battery storage, backup generators ₦₦₦ Reliable power supply, customized solutions Pricing varies greatly based on client needs
GVA Partners Commercial buildings, educational institutions, hospitality Turnkey solar power packages, design to maintenance ₦₦ Comprehensive service, tailored solutions Pricing tailored to each project
Havenhill Synergy Rural villages, schools, healthcare centers Mini-grid solar solutions ₦₦ Focus on underserved communities, social impact Pricing and projects often unique to each community
Rubitec Government entities, power distribution companies Utility-scale solar projects, large-scale solar power plants ₦₦₦₦ Significant national impact, large capacity Higher costs due to project scale
Powercell Homes, offices, small businesses Solar systems, customized installations ₦₦ Reliable, tailored approach Pricing varies based on system features
Starsight Commercial and industrial clients Solar-as-a-service (SaaS), energy efficiency measures ₦₦₦ Holistic approach, reduced energy consumption All-inclusive pricing may be higher upfront
Solar Wizard Residential, small businesses, rural communities Customized solar solutions, hybrid systems, backup power solutions ₦₦ Tailored solutions, diverse product options Pricing varies based on specific needs

Top 10 Solar Providers in Nigeria in 2024

Earthbond Limited: Clean Energy Made Easy

  • Solutions: Earthbond Limited specializes in high-quality solar installations for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), residential properties, and commercial spaces. They recognise the financial barriers to clean energy adoption and offer innovative financing options to make solar power more accessible.
  • Target Customers: Earthbond caters to a diverse clientele, including homes, hospitals, schools, pharmacies, and large enterprises committed to clean energy integration. Their financing solutions open doors for more customers to invest in solar.
  • Pricing: Earthbond's competitive pricing likely reflects project size and complexity. Their financing options make these costs more manageable for their clients.

SunKing: Affordable Solar Solutions for All

  • Solutions: SunKing provides a lifeline to off-grid communities with its innovative range of portable solar lamps and home systems. Their unique pay-as-you-go model allows for flexible and affordable instalments, making solar power accessible to a wider audience.
  • Target Customers: SunKing prioritizes rural households, small businesses, and farmers who often lack access to reliable electricity. Their budget-friendly solutions empower these communities with clean and sustainable power.
  • Pricing: SunKing is known for its competitive pricing and offers flexible payment plans, ensuring affordability for its target customers.

Arnergy: Smart Solutions for Homes and Businesses

  • Solutions: Arnergy offers a comprehensive range of solar-powered energy systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use. They go beyond just panels, incorporating smart energy management solutions to optimize efficiency and maximize cost savings for their clients.
  • Target Customers: Arnergy caters to a broad spectrum, including homes, schools, hospitals, and small businesses. Their focus on smart technology makes them ideal for those seeking reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective energy solutions.
  • Pricing: Arnergy offers competitive pricing structures likely based on system capacity and the degree of customization required.

Daystar Power: Reliable Power for Businesses

  • Solutions: Daystar Power offers hybrid solar power solutions, integrating solar panels with battery storage and backup generators. This ensures a consistent electricity supply for commercial and industrial clients, mitigating the challenges of grid instability.
  • Target Customers: Businesses of all sizes, factories, banks, and telecom companies seeking uninterrupted power for their operations.
  • Pricing: Daystar Power customizes solutions based on each client's specific energy needs, installation size, and backup requirements. Pricing structures likely reflect these variations.

GVA Partners: Turnkey Solutions for Seamless Integration

  • Solutions: GVA Partners offers a complete solar power package – from design and engineering to installation and maintenance. They provide turnkey solutions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for their clients.
  • Target Customers: GVA Partners focuses on commercial buildings, educational institutions, and the hospitality sector. Their turnkey approach makes them a compelling choice for businesses and organizations seeking a comprehensive solar power solution.
  • Pricing: Given the customized nature of their services, GVA Partners likely tailors pricing to the specific requirements of each project.

Havenhill Synergy: Powering Underserved Communities

  • Solutions: Havenhill Synergy has a social conscience. They specialize in mini-grid solar solutions, providing reliable and sustainable electricity access to underserved communities that often lack connection to the national grid.
  • Target Customers: Rural villages, schools, and healthcare centres benefit from Havenhill's focus on mini-grids. Their solutions bring the advantages of clean energy to those who need it most.
  • Pricing: Havenhill likely employs a collaborative approach, working with local communities and NGOs to ensure affordability and project sustainability. Pricing structures might not be publicly available due to the unique nature of their projects.

Rubitec: Lighting Up the Grid

  • Solutions: Rubitec operates on a larger scale, specializing in utility-scale solar projects. Their large-scale solar power plants contribute significantly to feeding the national grid and increasing Nigeria's overall energy generation capacity.
  • Target Customers: Rubitec primarily works with government entities, power distribution companies, and large-scale energy consumers. Their projects have a national impact, contributing to a more sustainable and reliable energy infrastructure for Nigeria.
  • Pricing: Rubitec's pricing likely aligns with the project scope and the overall capacity of the solar power plant being developed.

Powercell: Sustainable Power for Homes and Businesses

  • Solutions: Powercell offers a range of solar systems designed and installed for residential and commercial applications. They provide a tailored approach to meet the specific energy needs of each client.
  • Target Customers: Powercell caters to homes, offices, and small businesses seeking a reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional grid-based power. Their focus on customization ensures a solution that fits the specific needs of each client.
  • Pricing: Powercell likely offers competitive pricing structures based on the size and features of the solar system installed.

Starsight: Solar Power with Efficiency in Mind

  • Solutions: Starsight takes a holistic approach, offering solar-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. This combines the installation of solar panels with energy efficiency measures, ensuring both power generation and reduced energy consumption.
  • Target Customers: Starsight focuses on commercial and industrial clients who are looking to not only generate clean energy but also reduce their overall energy costs. This dual approach makes them a compelling choice for businesses seeking both environmental and financial sustainability.
  • Pricing: Starsight's pricing model is likely all-inclusive, encompassing the installation, maintenance of the solar system, and the energy savings achieved.

Solar Wizard Nigeria: Customization is Key

  • Solutions: Solar Wizard Nigeria prioritizes a customized approach. They design and install solar solutions tailored to each client's needs, offering a variety of options including hybrid systems and backup power solutions.
  • Target Customers: Solar Wizard caters to a diverse clientele, including residential properties, small businesses, and rural communities. Their focus on customization ensures a solution that fits the specific requirements and budget of each client.
  • Pricing: Solar Wizard likely offers tailored pricing based on the configuration of the solar system and the specific needs of the customer.


In conclusion, the solar industry in Nigeria is rapidly growing, with many companies providing high-quality solar products and services to meet the country's energy needs. The top solar companies listed in this article are leading the way in providing reliable and affordable solar solutions to households, businesses, and communities across Nigeria. Whether you're looking to power your home or business with solar energy, these companies are a great place to start. Sign up for Earthbond to connect and get started on getting solar today.

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