Empowering African Businesses: Real Stories of Solar Success with Earthbond

Real customer reviews and testimonials from Earthbond customers

by Damola Agboola

Published on May 06 2024

How Earthbond helped El-Shaddai Model Schools save 1.5 million naira in less than 3 months

"Since switching to solar in February 2024, we've saved approximately 1.2 million naira over 75 days, considering the elimination of generator servicing operations. This now amounts to around 1.5 million naira in total savings since switching."

– Teslim Gbadamosi, Founder & Principal of El-Shaddai Model Schools

Solar for his school

Mr. Gbadamosi is the founder of El Shaddai Model Schools, a computer training school based in Ota, Ogun state that serves over 650 students. The business had faced relentless power outages and suffered from exorbitant costs on diesel and fuel to power their generator in the absence of a reliable public grid. He contacted Earthbond via our website, and underwent the virtual audit, providing details about his equipment data sheets and imaging of his buildings. The audit results prompted the design of a 5.5 kW peak solar solution, accompanied by a 5 kVA inverter and 5 Kwh battery, perfectly tailored to his requirements.

In February 2024, Earthbond installed a custom solar solution to slash operational expenses and ensure uninterrupted power for the school’s critical operations. This solution generated results that have saved over 1.5 million naira within three months. Earthbond offered Mr Gbadamosi with a 30% initial payment and a two-year repayment plan making it easy against the up-front high installation cost. The solar solution provides the schools with around 18 hours of constant power per day, drastically reducing his reliance on traditional energy sources. Mr Gbadamosi was delighted with the outcome, and has referred other people in his community to Earthbond.

How Earthbond saved an agribusiness 20% off their total energy costs

"Our goal for our business is to achieve growth in a cash flow positive manner. Energy represents the second biggest administrative cost, so this reduction has helped us get closer to achieving this goal."

– Uzo Ayogu, CTO of Releaf

Expense relief for Releaf

Mr. Ayogu at Releaf, a rising agtech company, recognized their need for sustainable energy solutions. In 2023, Releaf reached out to Earthbond to install solar panels in their administrative offices.

While the initial audit and proposal showed a 30 kVA solution would take them completely off a communal grid powered by public power and diesel, a 12 kVa solution to power their daytime operations would drastically reduce their energy costs and save them more money. This solution helped Releaf reduce grid energy costs by 25%, generating 3.9 MWh. The installation, completed in October 2023 within a week, was monitored daily to ensure optimal performance.

These compelling narratives have cemented Earthbond’s reputation as a driving force in the renewable energy landscape. Earthbond tailors solutions to meet specific needs and objectives. Earthbond isn't just making solar accessible—it's making it rewarding. As businesses across several industries seek sustainability as a cornerstone of their operations, Earthbond stands ready to lead the charge empowering businesses to thrive in a greener, more sustainable world.

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